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Nigel Van Wieck, Tatistcheff & Company Inc., New York


In the late 20th century art world of noise and clamor, Nigel Van Wieck is a quiet and powerful presence. Raised in England, Van Wieck has lived in New York for the last 15 years. In that very demanding city, he succeeds in sharpening his clear personal vision.

Van Wieck’s new series of pictures of Miami are among his finest works. Many of the pictures are of South Beach, a unique part of Miami, which signifies a style as much as a place. On the surface there is the expected sun, sand and surf enjoyed by quite an unexpected mix of people — stunning, tall high fashion models, both male and female, jet set and middle class tourists, retirees who are rapidly being pushed further away from the seaside, resident Latin and ‘Anglo’ families and restless young people, some with hope, others with none.

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