Sylvia Mraz

Sylvia Mraz is an art historian and gallery director of Galerie Elisabeth Michitsch, Vienna.

John Arthur

John Arthur was a writer, curator and art consultant.

Mary Rose Beaumont

Mary Rose Beaumont is an art historian, teacher, writer and exhibition curator specialising in the contemporary visual arts.

K. K.

K.K. was a writer, curator and art consultant.

Ronny Cohen

Ronny Cohen was a leading art critic and a consultant to galleries, collectors and artists in the New York art world.

Anne Horton

Anne Horton was Head of Photography & Latin Art at Sotheby’s, New York.

Celia McGee

Celia McGee contributes regularly to The New York Times on books, the arts, and style. She has been publishing columnist for The New York Observer, a media columnist and features writer for the New York Daily News, a books columnist for Town & Country, and an arts editor and contributing writer for New York Magazine.