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Clean Up

Pastel on paper
| 22 x 30 inches

I resisted going to Miami for a while, I’m an animal that believes one does not leave the island of Manhattan with perhaps the exception of going to Brooklyn for its Museum. But my wife who had lived in Miami insisted saying ”It’s a place that will interest you”, she was right and I was lucky.
Lucky because Miami in the early 90’s was still sleepy, there were retirees sitting in chairs outside their hotels in the evening along Ocean Drive and besides the locals, only the fashion world realized the beauty of Miami; they used it for their fashion shoots, there were the tourists but they did not yet overwhelm its ambiance.
So I started to paint Miami. At the exhibition of my Miami paintings a friend said to me “I loved these pictures, will you choose a picture for me?”. This was my choice and when I go to dinner at her house, I get joy from seeing this picture on her wall and I remember a time that has long gone.

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