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Hearts on the beach

Oil on canvas
| 24 x 30 inches

I came from a country where as a child I felt that the summer just began and then it ended. But when I moved to the USA, I discovered the 4th of July. Coming two weeks after mid- summer’s night, it’s a splendid way to celebrate the start of summer, it’s a holiday for all with fireworks.

I have been part of some wonderful 4th of July celebrations, which led to memorable summers and thus to a lot of paintings. One that got away is to the left, for reasons I don’t understand this is an image that I destroyed; to be fair to myself it morphed into something else which often happens when I paint. I can’t remember what it became, probably a lifeguard picture. Fortunately I had taken a photo of it before it vanished from the canvas and while I was going through some old files I discovered the photo and realized that I had made a mistake. So its resurrection became my summer beach painting.

Happy 4th of July.

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