Georgica Beach

While walking on Georgica Beach in East Hampton, I spotted a lifeguard who I thought would look good in a painting, so I took a couple of photos and later the lifeguard ended up in a painting. Some years later my wife had an intern working with her who told her that while at college […]

Love the day

A successful man once told me that he would prefer to be lucky than clever. I had the luck when I arrived in NYC to have as my neighbor a man who became my friend. He had an understanding and passion for American art and through his eyes this European painter saw American painting and […]

After fiesta siesta

In the winter when the sun is low in the sky, it streams through my windows and rakes across the room.

The water tower man

“There was hardly a spring in New York, winter went straight to sizzling summer,” I wrote in a post. A painter friend made me laugh when he replied to the post: “Nice work. I assume it represents one of the Greek deities (Zeus himself perhaps) descending from Olympus to ravish some impudent woodland nymph?”