Me too

For a second time I was reported to Facebook by somebody who was offended by my work, and again Facebook rejected the objection. It made me think about censorship. The American disease is the eagerness to burn witches, Salem to McCarthyism, and now the culture of outrage. I saw a friend’s post on Facebook from […]

Q train

My image of ‘Q Train’ went viral, it was that ‘lightning in a bottle.’ Originally the image of the girl in ‘Q Train’ was in a different environment not in a train. It was a pastel of two girls sitting in a bar with a man in a white suit. It was an image that […]

The Harlem line

This picture was sold to a collector who died. It was resold and the lady who bought the painting wrote me a sweet email telling how much she loved my painting and attached a photo of the picture in her room. I wrote back thanking her and sent a photo of the drawing for the […]